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Demolition Man: Better Song Than Reality

BRs Historic Preservation Commission is apparently as effective as the Talibans

As planned, the Baton Rouge Historic Preservation Council is just as effective now as the Taliban Historic Preservation Council was in 2001.

I guess it really should come as no surprise that the BR Historic Preservation Commission serves little to no purpose. The Parish Attorney’s office announced that local developer Richard Preis could appeal an HPC issued “demolition by neglect” citation to the Planning & Zoning Commission. While an appropriate appellate process is a necessity in any punitive process, Preis’ argument seems a sham in this case. It’s a shame that the P & Z Commission will probably find in his favor.

Is Preis guilty of demolition by neglect? You be the judge.

The Baton Rouge Business ReportĀ  has done a good job reporting on the Spanish Town boondoggle. To me, the veracity of the HPC’s claim is pretty much told in two pictures included in the Business Report article. The first shows the condition of a Spanish Town home while under the ownership of Preis. The second shows what the same house can look like when an owner actually spends some time keeping their property in good condition. While the house pictured is not one of the houses for which Preis received the citation, my guess is that the first picture is fairly representative of the typical upkeep on one of the developer’s rental units.

The Planning & Zoning Commission meets in the Metro Council chambers on the 21st of October 2009 at 4 PM. The agenda can be found here.



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