A Portrait of Politivore As a Young Man

What’s there to say?

34, Male, Married, White, Jaded Liberal

I live life to its fullest and don’t allow fear or prejudice to prevent my enjoyment of this mortal coil. I’ve jumped out of airplanes and helicopters. I ride rode a motorcycle (some “awesome” driver from Denham Springs put an end to that one). I take the dark alley, rather than the well-lit street. Too much in life gets missed when you try to play it safe all the time.

I’m generous with my time and resources, dedicating much in support of non-profits. I find it amusing that many of the people who rail against the government and promote private sector and non-profit solutions do very little to support those same solutions when the opportunity presents itself. I suspect many don’t really care about their fellow man and use perceived differences to validate their greed and selfishness. Hobbes may very well be correct.

Regardless, I hope for the best in this world and work toward promulgating positive change.

-J. Slater McKay, “Politivore”